Why Do You Need Gutter Guards?

Cleaning your gutters is not a fun task to undertake. If you live in a city like Vancouver where there is a lot of rain and greenery, it is inevitable to have leaves, pine needles, water and debris building up in the gutters and eventually clogging them. This is where gutter guards come to your rescue and save you from a lot of hassle, you can look into sites such as Mastershield Atlanta that offer guards available for purchase, see below as to why your gutters will be better off with guards in place.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on whether or not install a gutter guard system:

Return on Investment

A lot of homeowners are reluctant about installing gutter guards, as it is not something people want to spend money on. However, cleaning your clogged gutters is a difficult and dangerous task, and professional gutter cleaning is an expensive service. If you think about the money you will be saving over the years, the investment pays for itself pretty quickly.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Most premium gutter guards are virtually maintenance free. Some debris will eventually collect on top of the gutter guards over time. However, it is a lot easier to clean the gutter guards than to dig into clogged gutters to remove handfuls of leaves, seeds, and twigs.


Installing gutter guards will help your gutters last longer, since they won’t prematurely rust and rot from the moisture and debris sitting in them. They also enable more efficient rainwater harvesting by improving the flow of water and filtering out some contaminants.


Gutter guards prevent the build-up of stagnant water in gutters, which could otherwise back up and overflow into your home. Built up moisture can be a breeding ground for many unwanted things such as mould and insects.

These are some important factors to consider when you are thinking about a gutter guard system. Keep in mind that there are several different types of gutter guards out there, which we will cover in another post to help you choose the right one for your home.