Energy Efficiency of Windows and Doors

When temperatures spike, drafty windows and doors can quickly turn into rising utility bills. Although they don’t actually use energy, windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss. This is why more and more Canadians demand high performance windows and doors that meet ENERGY STAR standards. If you are looking for a professional locksmith for your doors then you may want to Hire a Locksmith online such as or another locksmith of your choosing!

By considerably lowering energy costs, new windows and doors represent substantial savings while providing comfort to your home or building. In addition, they help reduce potential condensation and attenuate outside noise. For your doors to be efficient they should be the right type of door for their purpose. For example, a warehouse would be best suited to visiting somewhere like Industrial Door Company in order to find the right doors for their establishment.

We are a proud carrier of ENERGY STAR member vendors such as Jeld-Wen, whose products are ideally designed to withstand all Canadian weather conditions.


ENERGY STAR is a voluntary Canadian energy efficiency initiative that helps consumers identify the most energy efficient products available. Administered by Natural Resources Canada, the ENERGY STAR program is internationally recognized and users include various levels of government, public service companies, manufacturers, retailers and environmental organizations.

In addition to administering the program, Natural Resources Canada oversees the promotion of its symbol and compliance with strict certification standards. ENERGY STAR-qualified products include home appliances, office equipment, consumer electronics, heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, lighting and signage equipment, commercial and industrial products, and windows and doors.

Front line defense

A home’s front door can play a vital role as one of the first lines of defense against extreme weather conditions. If a door doesn’t close properly or lets in a draft, you will pay the price in your utility bills. Check the weather strip for any gaps around the door. If issues can’t be easily fixed, it may be time to replace your door.

More than just glass

A window is more than just a pane of glass. It’s a complex unit that can be built in a number of combinations. Energy efficient windows feature an insulating glass unit of two or three panes as well as Low-E coatings, gas fill and a variety of engineering advancements that stop the transfer of heat and cold. Together these high tech options make a glazing package.

Direction matters

The direction that your windows and doors face can make a big difference in the sun’s intensity level within your home. South- and west-facing windows and doors require the highest level of UV protection.